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Spotlight on: Taupo Great Lakes

26 March 2015
Located in the middle of the North Island the Taupo region is a historic area, with geothermal activity, fishing and hunting, stunning scenery and plenty of culture. Just over a three hour drive from Auckland it is well worth a visit.  Here's an overview of some of our recommendations to get the most out of the area. We can help you create your own bespoke itinerary to make the most of time spent in the region.

Luxury Accommodation

The last word in luxury/boutique accommodation Huka Lodge has earned itself countless awards and accolades and has even welcomed the Queen. In addition to the main lodge accommodation of 18 Junior suites and one Lodge Suite there is also the four-suite Owner's Cottage and two-suite Alan Pye Cottage on offer. Enjoy the hunting lodge setting by the clear waters of the Waikato river, this is the ultimate base for Taupo.

Spotlight on: Taupo Great Lakes

There is plenty of quarry in Taupo for keen hunters. The local Sika deer provides a challenging hunt, best hunted between April and June, and there are also red deer,  wild boar, pheasants, goats and more. Helicopter drops are available into more remote hunting areas, and a guide is highly recommended to ensure you have the best experience.
Spotlight on: Taupo Great Lakes

A visit to Taupo wouldn't be complete without a go at fly fishing for trout. The Tongariro River is ripe with trout and has a well-deserved
reputation as a world-class river to fish for prime rainbow and brown trout. Again, taking a guide is the best way to make the most of your experience - whether an amateur or experienced fisher - and heli-trips can be a particularly special way to get the most of of fishing in the region.
Spotlight on: Taupo Great Lakes

For keen hikers there are plenty of tracks around the wider region, taking you through forests, geothermal landscapes and stunning settings. There are a good range of options, from short walks to one-day hikes or even expeditions. One of the most popular is the Tongariro Alpine Crossing which takes you through a volcanic setting, overlooking beautiful lakes and unique landforms. Taking a full day, it has a reputation as of the top 10 day treks in the world
Spotlight on: Taupo Great Lakes
White Water Rafting

Experience the thrill of white water rafting in beautiful surroundings on the Tongariro River. There are different grades of rafting available, to suit every ability.
Spotlight on: Taupo Great Lakes
Hot Springs

One of the many advantages of New Zealand's incredible geothermic activity is the hot springs they create. With healing properties, the warm waters have been swum in for centuries and are an amazing way to relax, rejuvinate and enjoy the benefits of their incredible minerals. We particularly like the Wairakei Terraces pools, which contain healing silica waters and have an on-site cultural experience as well.
Spotlight on: Taupo Great Lakes

There are golfing options aplenty in the Taupo Great Lakes Region
. A highlight is the award-winning Kinloch golf course, designed by Jack Niklaus and the Wairakei Golf and Sanctuary has just undergone an extensive redevelopment to enhance its stunning surroundings. If nothing else, make sure you have a go at the Lake Taupo Hole In One Challenge - sending a ball flying out into Lake Taupo itself.
Spotlight on: Taupo Great Lakes
Mountain Biking

Taupo boasts some of New Zealand's best biking tracks, with a huge range of options for riders of all levels. The well drained soil ensures great riding conditions and as well as being a healthy acitivity this is another way to take in some of New Zealand's incredible scenery.

Spotlight on: Taupo Great Lakes
Geothermal Activities

Like nearby Rotorua, Great Lakes Taupo has an abundance of geothermal activity (without Rotorua's smell!) . With boiling mud pools, hot springs, geysers and more, these are yet another demonstration of New Zealand's unique surroundings.
Spotlight on: Taupo Great Lakes

Recipe: Taupo Trout Confit in olive oil with horseradish cream. Courtesy of the Executive Chef at Huka Lodge

26 March 2015
Asia Pacific Superyachts New Zealand is partnering with some of New Zealand's leading luxury providers to bring you their recipes, recommendations and more.

Here Paul Froggatt, Executive Chef at the award-winning Huka Lodge, shares his beautiful recipe forTaupo Trout Confit in olive oil with horseradish cream, fresh and pickled cucumber, capers, Granny Smith applies and a finger potato
Recipe: Taupo Trout Confit in olive oil with horseradish cream. Courtesy of the Executive Chef at Huka Lodge
- Wash and clean the trout, remove the bones and skin from the fish
- Lightly season with salt and roll in cling film to a nice shape
- Trim the end to make sure the cling film is open but still holding shape

Olive oil for poaching
-       2litres good olive oil (not too peppery)
-       18 grams peeled garlic
-       10 grams rosemary
-       10 grams thyme
-       30 grams black pepper 
1. Mix all together 
2. Vac Pac in a large bag
3. Place in to stesmer at 70’C for 1 hour  
4. Leave to infuse for 2 hours before using

Cooking of the Trout
1. Pass the olive oil to take out any of the herbs
2. Warm the oil back up to 41’C
3. Poach trout for 21 minutes

Pickled Cucumbers
1. Cut the cucumbers to the size needed - 1cm by 1cm
2. Place in a vac pac bag and cover with pickling liquid

Pickling Liquid
-       150 grams white wine vinegar
-       50 grams sugar
-       300 grams water
-       100 grams sushi vinegar
1. Bring to the boil
2. Leave to cool down
3. Use as needed

Mixed dice of capers, Granny Smith apples, raw cucumbers
-       Equal parts of diced capers, Granny Smith apples and cucumbers
-       Add the same amount of pickled cucumbers to the rest
-       Note the apple needs to be done at the last minute

Horseradish Cream
-       90 grams egg white
-       20 grams sushi vinegar
-       60 grams white wine vinegar
-       10 grams yuzu juice
-       295 grams sunflower oil
-       45 grams sour cream
-       50 grams freshly grated horseradish
-       25 gram good olive oil
-       10 grams English mustard powder
1.     Blend all together like a mayonnaise
2.     Add the sour cream
3.     Fold in the grated horseradish
4.     Leave to stand for 45 min
5.     Pass and check the seasoning with salt and white pepper

Agra Potato finger
-Peel the potatoes and wash
-Using a mandolin cut the potato in to matchsticks and then season with salt
-Shape in to the molds and fry until golden brown and crispy.
Recipe: Taupo Trout Confit in olive oil with horseradish cream. Courtesy of the Executive Chef at Huka Lodge
Recipe: Taupo Trout Confit in olive oil with horseradish cream. Courtesy of the Executive Chef at Huka Lodge
About Paul Froggatt
British-born chef Paul Froggatt initially trained in the UK and in France where his career highlights included working at Gidleigh Park Hotel* (Two Michelin-Star), Bernard Loiseau en Bourgogne*(Three Michelin Star) and Château de Courcelles (One Michelin Star). Paul followed this by stints at two of Singapore’s most popular leading European restaurants, San Marco and Saint Pierre*. Most recently Paul has been the Chef de Cuisine at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel's Amber Restaurant (Two Michelin Star), in Hong Kong. During his time at Amber the restaurant was voted as one of the Top 10 restaurants within the annual San Pellegrino 50 Best Restaurants awards.

Luxury Tours division of APSNZ receives formal endorsement of excellence

26 March 2015
We are very proud to announce that as of 20 March Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ, trading as Asia Pacific Superyachts New Zealand Luxury Tours, is officially registered as a New Zealand Inbound Tour Operator andQualmark approved. Qualmark is New Zealand tourism’s official quality assurance organisation, providing a trusted guide to quality travel experiences. This exciting news is a formal endorsement of the long term work we have been doing to bring custom luxury tourism experiences to visiting yachts, creating bespoke inventories and showcasing the best that New Zealand has to offer.
Luxury Tours division of APSNZ receives formal endorsement of excellence
Luxury Tours division of APSNZ receives formal endorsement of excellence
Asia Pacific Superyachts New Zealand has a network of trusted guides, and the big book of contacts to arrange any experience that guests are seeking. Services we offer range from unforgettable cultural experiences to behind-the-scenes access to New Zealand's best businesses and heritage organisations, and everything in between.

For food for though check out thedestination guide section of the website.

Spotlight on: White Island

26 March 2015
One of New Zealand's natural wonders White Island is the country's only active natural marine volcano. Standing on the edge of the crater of an actve volcano is an experience you will never forget. Day boat trips and tours, and overhead flights are available.
Spotlight on: White Island
Venture to the inner crater of White Island, New Zealand’s only active marine volcano. Luxury purpose built vessels take you out to the island, an 80-minute trip from Whakatane, in the North Island’s scenic Bay of Plenty. Trained guides then take you on a tour through the island’s unique terrain and share the island’s history with you. After visiting the historic sulphur mining factory, you will get to experience a truly unique moment: standing on the edge of the crater lake of an active volcano. A day’s experience that will last a lifetime. To really capture the experience, undertake a charter flight over the volcano for the full view.

Fundraising for Vanuatu

26 March 2015
The beautiful country ofVanuatu was recently devastated by Cyclone Pam, with rebuild and recovery efforts now underway. The superyacht community has thrown itself behind the cause, with superyachts dispatching to Vanuatu to take supplies, and a crew-organised fundraiser at Auckland Silo's Marina raising nearly $8000 in donations.
Fundraising for Vanuatu
If you want to make a donation to help Vanuatu, this can be made via New Zealand'sThe Butterfly Trust andYachtAidGlobal .
Fundraising for Vanuatu
Silo Marina Crews For Change Fundraiser
To help rebuild itself Vanuatu will also need tourism support more than ever, so if you are in the Pacific region and visiting New Zealand, please consider adding this beautiful country -which features in the Superyacht Explorer book that we created - to your itinerary.
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