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New Zealand - The World In One Country

06 May 2016


New Adventures, New Passions, New Zealand

As one superyacht season draws to a close and the next appears on the horizon, it’s the time of year when many owners and captains consider their future cruising plans.

At this transitional time, there’s no better base to consider for your next adventure than the South Pacific,
with a focal point on New Zealand, according to Jeanette Tobin, an expert local agent at Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ and co-author of the Superyacht Explorer guide to cruising in the region.

To find out more read the full PDF

To learn more about how you can bring new adventures and passions into your superyacht cruising plans for the seasons to come, get in touch with Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ.



Metro Top 50 Restaurants

08 April 2016

Auckland has morphed into a foodies paradise.

Auckland city just continues to grow into one of the most cosmopolitan and culturally divserse cities in the Pacific.

You are never far from an eclectic coffee shop, 5* restaurant or cosy bar.

The good people at recently announced their Top 50 list for 2016. Our visiting clients and crew regularly rave about the amazing food, wine and foodie culture in Auckland.

Just one of the reasons to come visit Auckland!




APSNZ - Cultural Experience

06 April 2016

When our superyacht clients come to visit New Zealand, we want them to experience the best that New Zealand has to offer, no matter how short their stay may be.

To help us provide our personalized travel itineraries, we work with some of NZ's top lodges, chauffeurs, personalities, tour guides and other expert service providers to offer a seamless and interesting view of New Zealand.

We offer our clients a look into cultural New Zealand. Our tour guides, of Maori heritage, have an in-depth knowledge and love for their culture and are able to provide access to many cultural experiences for our Asia Pacific Superyachts clients.

It's an incredible experience and usually results in return visits! Contact us now for further details.



McMullen & Wing launch YN1016

05 April 2016

McMullen & Wing, a renowned Auckland shipyard, recently launched the second yacht in their Diamond Series - project 'YN1016'. The vessel was launched at the Mount Wellington shipyard on the morning of 12 January 2016.

The vessel is sistership to MY BIG FISH and is testament to the yard and local workforce who have worked tirelessly over the past few months to finalize the project.

We are the ship's agent whilst in NZ.



Are you visa aware?

23 November 2015

With the influx of superyachts and crew into New Zealand, a frequent query amongst captains and crew alike is about what needs to be done to get New Zealand visas.

Unfortunately, there is no 'superyacht visa' as such, so there is need to ensure that  crew and owners arrive under correct visa conditions for their time in New Zealand.

This requirement also affects any outside contractors coming to work onboard the vessel - especially those who fly regularly all over the world to work on superyachts in transit.

Airlines are also tightening their requirements, with yacht crew members without requisite visas being refused onto flights on one-way ticket despite being on an official crew list!

Our best advice is to contact us for information about visas to ensure the correct path is followed. Most visas are easily obtained once you supply correct paperwork. Visas can be applied for offshore, also with many VAC's dotted around the world/Pacific.

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