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Conde Nast Traveler

05 November 2015

The nice people at Conde Nast Traveler requested some help in putting this article together.


SY MATAU - available for charter in New Zealand 2015/2016

Buying ship spares in NZ - import or shop local?

21 October 2015
A trend is emerging with the influx of superyachts to New Zealand. The popularity of ordering ship spares off shore and importing them into New Zealand as 'Ships Spares in Transit'.

Despite numerous yacht chandleries and service agents around Auckland (and NZ), most visiting superyachts order ship spares from USA/Europe. Currently, ship spares can be imported into New Zealand under the vessels TIE(Temporary Import Entry) ensuring no tax or duties are paid.

Many of the crew have dealt with particular overseas marine companies throughout their career and are guaranteed familiarity, competitive pricing and fast delivery to where ever they maybe in the world, or possibly management companies dictate where ship spares must be purchased.

However incoming 'ship spares in transit' are now being scrutinized by NZ customs with vessels in the past ordering non spares(toiletries/personal goods/soft furnishing/paint) and claiming them under ship spares. This delays spares coming into NZ as many packages are now manually checked. In high season(Jan-March) we can expect up to a 3 week delay to clear some ship spares & have been cautioned by Customs that should the trend continue, each shipment will be physically checked. If one item is not an actual 'ships spare' the whole shipment will incur both duty & GST.

We regularly price check and compare prices in NZ/off shore. Yes there is a difference especially against the US/NZ$ however the difference is often the cost of freight & clearance by the customs agent of the goods into New Zealand.

We offer up to 40% discount on many shelf items in NZ directly from the importer/distributor in New Zealand. We don't charge GST on ship spares & the product is available to you now and you don't have to pay freight or clearance fees.  

So if you’re thinking of ordering bulk parts & consumables to New Zealand, get us to quote prior & don’t be caught having to pay duty & gst because you’ve included toilet paper in your shipment!!

Beirut - Fort St Auckland

21 October 2015
Beirut is a contemporay Middle Eastern inspired restaurant which recently opened in Auckland Central.

Situated in an emerging part of Auckland's downtown - Fort St - the restaurant is a must visit for any foodie. A great bar area serving some of the most exotic cocktails we have ever witnessed!

The menu is amazing and best to order plates to share. Wine menu was sufficient if a little on the pricy side. Amazing staff who are all educated on the menu and great to reccommend different food/wine mixes.

A great little treat on a Friday night. Book in advance!

Chartering in New Zealand

21 October 2015

With the summer season fast approaching we are busy preparing paperwork for some foreign flagged vessels who are open to charter in NZ during our summer months.

New Zealand is a great place to charter - with so much to see and do!

However foreign flagged vessels must abide by NZ Maritime and the NZ Inland Revenue rules whilst they are cruising on NZ waters.

Vessels must also hold a New Zealand GST number whilst chartering as GST (Goods & Services Tax of 15% of the charter fee) must be paid to the Inland Revenue Department whilst the vessel in on charter on NZ waters.  If the rules aren’t followed, the vessel could be seized for non-payment.

We have the knowledge and contacts to help you apply for your NZ charter permit. It can be a pain staking paper trail however it must be undertaken to comply with NZ law.

Dont leave it too late! Contact us for further information on chartering in NZ.


Janice Lynch promoted to APSNZ Yacht Support Manager

21 October 2015


It is with great pleasure to announce that Janice Lynch has been promoted to the job of Yacht Support Manager for Asia Pacific Superyachts New Zealand. With many years’ experience in the marine industry in New Zealand, Janice is already well known as the “go to” person.

“Janice’s expertise, knowledge and desire to showcase the very best that New Zealand has to offer enables her to support vessels better than anyone. These strengths ensure that vessels, crews & owners are cared for in the best possible way” says Founder and Director of Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ, Jeanette Tobin.

Janice will now oversee the day to day Yacht Support and be the main contact point for every vessel coming to New Zealand who choose Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ.

“Janice’s 24/7 work ethic and the relationships she builds with each client, she is really the best of the best. She’s an absolute star, just ask any of our clients” says Duthie Lidgard Managing Director of Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ, who will be working on the growth in other divisions within the business.

Personally - its an exciting time for me. From humble beginings back in the early 90's working on the wild Irish Sea onboard Irish Ferries to now working with some of the world's largest superyachts visiting New Zealand. I love New Zealand and have a slight obsession ensuring everything is running like clock work and everyone is happy! We have a great team in the APSNZ office and it shows. We've built up a great reputation down in NZ and its a pleasure to be now leading the Yacht Support division.  


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