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Are you visa aware?

With the influx of superyachts and crew into New Zealand, a frequent query amongst captains and crew alike is about what needs to be done to get New Zealand visas.

Unfortunately, there is no 'superyacht visa' as such, so there is need to ensure that  crew and owners arrive under correct visa conditions for their time in New Zealand.

This requirement also affects any outside contractors coming to work onboard the vessel - especially those who fly regularly all over the world to work on superyachts in transit.

Airlines are also tightening their requirements, with yacht crew members without requisite visas being refused onto flights on one-way ticket despite being on an official crew list!

Our best advice is to contact us for information about visas to ensure the correct path is followed. Most visas are easily obtained once you supply correct paperwork. Visas can be applied for offshore, also with many VAC's dotted around the world/Pacific.

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